Wing Chun Kung Fu – Chinese Boxing

” The keys of Wing Chun are: stability, flexibility and hitting power.”

Wing Chun Kung Fu appeared over 300 hundred years ago in China as a ”shortcut”

through the multitude of Shaolin fighting systems and it has been further crystalized

by several generations of masters.

It is a ”compressed” method of training and a scientific set of principles

able to improve already existing fighting abilities or to develop such skills

from the ground in a shorter period of time.

More about the early development and transmission of the style here:

When it comes to fighting, there are five main qualities required:

stability, speed, power, timing and precision.

The development of these qualities is depending on proper structure

and relaxation (physical factors)  and on intention (psychological factor).

In Wing Chun Kung Fu – as transmitted in our lineage – we train

these four abilities through principles, relying on techniques

as exemplifications of these principles.

The understanding and the absorption of the concept behind the movement

will make the practitioner able to find dozens of other applications.

The essence of martial training does not consist in learning techniques,

moves and ”tricks”, but in learning to efficiently use your body weight

and in sharpening your instincts and reflexes.

The basic PRINCIPLES of the style are:

* body structure – is the foundation for all the other concepts.

A good body structure helps you to generate power and to redirect or absorb

the power of your opponent. Failing to assimilate this concept will bring

limited efficiency and the tendency to use more muscular power.

* centerline theory – the most important principle of the style.

The entire defense and offense are organized upon it.

* static elbow – down and in front of the body, without compromising the structure.

The movements of the elbows must be very limited.

* body positioning – the hips and the shoulders are always facing the opponent.

This way you can efficiently use both hands and you don’t expose the sides of the body.

* simultaneous attack and defense – the time between defense and counter attack

is drastically reduced.

* relaxation – is defined in our branch of  Wing Chun as the absence of

unnecessary muscular exertion  (but not limpness!)


Siu Nim Tao – Little Idea

Gei Boon Kuen – Roots of the punch

Chum Kiu – Bridge seeking

Biu Jee – Darting Fingers

Mok Yan Jong – Wooden Dummy

Mui Fa Chong – Plum Blossom Stakes

Luk Dim Boon Gwun – Long Pole

Bart Jarm Dao – Butterfly Knives


In our training, every technique, drill or strategy knows three phases of development:

* LEARNING – very relaxed and very slow; your aim is accuracy.

* REPEATING – you add some speed and some power, but the stress level stays low.

Through the end of this phase protective gear is recommended.

* DOING – full-speed and full-force, moving from isolated sparring

to free sparring (protective gear is mandatory).







ADRIAN TAUTAN!/groups/pinoro/


5 Responses to “Wing Chun Kung Fu – Chinese Boxing”

  1. Lieber Adrian Tautan

    Seit kurzem wohne ich in Linz und möchte gerne Kung Fu weiter trainieren. Ich habe in London und in Zürich seit ca. 6 Jahren Kung Fu trainiert. Angefangen hatte ich ursprünglich mit Südchinesischen Shaolin Kung Fu habe dann aber in der Schweiz weitergamacht mit Chin Woo Kung Fu und habe mich im letzten Jahr auf das Ning Mui Kung Fu eingelassen.

    Dürfte ich mal auf ein Probetraining vobeikommen?
    Würde mich sehr darüber freuen!
    Mit den besten Grüssen Andrea Suter

  2. Hallo Andrea,

    Adrian Tautan ist mein Sifu und lebt in Rumänien und Asien.
    Bitte hier lesen:

    Die Trainingsgruppe ist aber zur Zeit voll, ich kann leider keine neue Schüler annemen.

    Mit freundliche Gtüssen,

  3. Good day, I’m a martial arts enthusiast which desires to learn wing chun here in dumaguete,
    In any case, you could teach me wing chun, i am willing to be your student.. I am currently living in Dumaguete Philippines. Hoping for your response.. Thanks and more power. ^_^

  4. Hallo!
    ich muss ehrlich sagen das ich von kampfsport keine ahnung habe aber wing chun würde mich sehr interessieren, kann ich mal ein probe training bei euch machen? ich wohne in urfahr und hätte nicht weit zu fahren! würde mich sehr freuen!
    mit freundlichen grüssen
    Lakic senad

  5. Thanks for summing it up. Well put 🙂

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