Kalye Todo Arnis

KALYE TODO ARNIS (kalye=street, todo=total, complete, all-out)

is a short-range, self-defense oriented stick fighting system,

derivated from the largely known Balintawak Eskrima system.

The system was crystalized by Instructor Bobby Dela Rosa

(Batangas, Philippines) with the purpose of self-defense

in small, tight places, with no chance of exit, retreat

or usage of Largo Mano concepts; it is best suitable for shorter weapons.

In such a short distance, the free hand is almost as important

as the armed hand and starts to be trained from the very beginning.

The technical arsenal includes  stick striking, punyo, thrusting,

live hand striking, grabbing, trapping, disarming, locking,

sweeping, low-kicks, knee, headbutts etc.

The most important attributes requested are: reaction and execution speed

and short range power – so the relaxation is essential.

A very special and important training method in the system

is AGAK (”guiding”) – specific to the Balintawak systems.

This  can be worked only by instructor/assistant instructor

with a student (not by two students).

The student is literally being guided and trained in a flowing manner

of various intensity and complexity.



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