De Campo 1-2-3 Original

Eskrima De Campo 1-2-3  was created by the late Grandmaster Jose Diaz Caballero

in the period after the second World War.

 Many Filipino Martial Arts use the stick as a translation from a blade.

 However, this is not the case with De Campo 1-2-3,

the style has been wholly adapted to be executed with a stick,

and the majority of its techniques are based on fighting with a single stick.

It is a long range style and the technical curriculum is very compressed.

The name of the style comes from the favorite combination

used by Grandmaster Caballero to defeat his opponents in the famous Juego Todo.

Because of the long distance, the free hand cannot be used too much.

The attacks are concentrated firstly on the nearest target  –

usually the hand with the weapon, but it can also target

 the front leg or the free hand.

There are no elaborated disarms and no feints in De Campo 1-2-3,

all the techniques and combinations are executed

with full speed and power.

A very important concept of the style is ANTAW – the sense of distance.

It is very important to always maintain a distance from which

you can safely disolve the incoming attacks

and in the same time to launch powerful counter-attacks.

Here are a few videos with inheritors and practitioners of the style:

Grandmaster Manuel Caballero, the son of Grandmaster  Jose Caballero.

Guro Tony Yarwood, European Chief Instructor  and Catalin Necula, Full Instructor

The system is represented in Austria by Aprentice Instructor Catalin Gheorghe


One Response to “De Campo 1-2-3 Original”

  1. Your so blessed coz you acquired the true Pilipino original martial Arts.
    Thank so much for your loved of propagating Arnis,Escrima, kali, specially
    De Campo Uno- Dos-Tres Orihinal.

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