Your own path

When we start learning martial arts,  we use our teachers

as refference, inspiration and motivation

and do our best to do things the way they do.

As we advance, we start to grasp the ideas and concepts behind

the techniques, forms and ”tricks” and we begin to

think for ourselves, develop creativity and even have our own

interpretations for the concepts.

As this should be the goal of every student, it is actually the wish

of every true teacher: to see the ”helpless child” grow into a

confident and mature ”adult”.

As students, we want to walk on our teacher’s path.

As teachers, we want our students to walk on their own paths.


 All my teachers live in different parts of the world,

 which made the regular ”spoon feeding” impossible.

So from the very  beginning of my apprenticeship

I was forced to rely more on myself,

while treasuring them even more, their guidance

and the time I could spend with them.

Questions prepared before meeting them,

increased attention while they moved or talked,

lots of written notes and sometimes videos…

And right during the way back home, the next part of the job:

organizing the informations, synthethizing the ideas,

thinking about drills that could exemplify better those ideas;

basically, working to put everything in a form

that would be easier to digest not just by me,

but also by my training partners and students from here.

And that’s because part of my ”luck” is finding not one,

but three teachers who are very practical thinkers,

who don’t split and over-analyze things,

who don’t speak much and who didn’t took me for a beginner.

Given these facts, the process of individualisation,

of self-expressing and of personalizing their teachings

had to start quite early for me – of course,

keeping the core of concepts and techniques unchanged.

Along the way, I discovered that teaching to a group

is quite different than teaching privately –

you need a clearer structure, a progressive curriculum

and accessible (as in: very simple) training methods.

I worked on this in the last years and I still am, continuously.

The journey continues…

More about it soon 🙂

~ by pinoro on January 3, 2015.

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