Our motivation

People who do not train martial arts don’t always understand

why some of us spend so much time “swinging swords around and at each other”.

To make it clear: We do not train to die or kill

for some big fancy cause outside of ourselves, be it honor, pride, country, religion or ideology.

We train to cultivate the WILL TO ACTION in life,

so that we can contribute constructively to society and humanity.

We train to break the cycle of addiction and attachment to false ideals.

We work to condition our bodies and minds to live in a changing and uncertain world,

guided by a deeply rooted ethical code.

In the MOVEMENT of the martial arts we are molded by forces

that impress upon us the true meaning of LIVING as a human being.



~ by pinoro on December 24, 2013.

One Response to “Our motivation”

  1. I’ve never heard it explained so well! Thank you!

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