Wise words from ”Buddhist Boot Camp”

There are at least two voices in your head.

One voice is the ego (it is very selfish, greedy and obnoxious),

and the other voice is of the divine wisdom that calmly resides in each of us.

People often come to me with questions as if I have the answers,

and I always remind them that they already know the answer,

they just have to be silent and listen .

But here’s the problem.. every time we listen to the ego within,

its voice gets louder and louder, until one day we can’t even hear

the other voice or even know that it’s there.

Conversely, the more we listen to the wise guru within us,

the easier it becomes to ignore the ego’s yapping.

I’m surprised how many people think that therapy is only for “crazy people”.

That would be like saying healthy food is only for healthy people.

A good therapist never tells you what to do, they just point you in the direction

to find the answers your seek (without telling you what you’ll find).

Personally, therapy has been really helpful to understand how many

of my thoughtsand decisions in life used to stem from pain

that I have kept bottled up for so many years.

It is important to learn a healthy way to express our pain and not suppress it,

because pain does not decompose when you bury it.

Remember, all of your thoughts, words and actions are either rooted in love or fear.

Write down a paragraph that describes the kind of person you want to be,

and then make a commitment to follow loved-based decisions from now on,

listen to the guru within you, and you’ll be well on your way

to a full and happy life that is free from worry and drama.

Remember the native american story of the two wolves?

The one you feed is the one that grows… don’t feed the ego!


~ by pinoro on November 27, 2013.

One Response to “Wise words from ”Buddhist Boot Camp””

  1. boot camp?!
    instead of giving me 100 push ups for merit
    one must give 100 compassions!

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