The Mind

The mind is the root of all our experience, both of ourselves and of others.

If we perceive the world in an unclear way, confusion and suffering will surely arise.

It is like someone with defective vision seeing the world as being upside down,

or a fearful person finding everything frightening.

We may be largely unaware of our ignorance and wrong views,

yet at present the mind can be compared to a wild tiger, rampaging through our daily lives.

Motivated by desire, hatred and bewilderment this untamed mind blindly

pursues what it wants and lashes out at all that stands in its way,

with little or no understanding of the way things really are.

 The wildness we have to deal with is not simply that of anger and rage;

it is much more fundamental than that.

The tendency to be driven by ignorance, hatred and delusion enslaves us,

allowing confusion and negative emotions to predominate.

When things go wrong we tend to blame other people and circumstances,

rather than look inside ourselves for the causes of the suffering.

But if we are ever to find true peace or happiness it is that wildness within

which must be faced and dealt with.

Only then can we learn to use our energy in a more positive and balanced way,

so that we stop causing harm to ourselves and to others.


~ by pinoro on July 15, 2013.

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