Buddhist speach@Google

We spend our lives being seduced by the outside world, believing without question

that happiness and suffering come from “out there.”

In reality, Buddhist teachings explain that they come

from the way we perceive and interpret things, not the things themselves.

This deeply held misconception is at the root of our dissatisfaction,

self-doubt, anger, depression, anxiety, and the rest.

But our minds can change. By becoming deeply familiar with the workings

of our own cognitive processes through introspection and learning to deconstruct them

– truly, being our own therapists – we can loosen the grip of these neuroses

and grow our marvelous potential for contentment, clarity,

and courage, which are at the core of our being.


Speaker: Venerable Robina Courtin
A Tibetan Buddhist nun for 30 years, beloved teacher and power-house personality.


~ by pinoro on March 4, 2013.

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