Year review – part 2


The highlight of the summer 2012 was visiting  Cat Necula,

my respected instructor and good friend from London.

Aside from catching up and training with him, I also had the honor

to meet and train with Guro Tony Yarwood, the European Chief Instructor

of De Campo 1-2-3 Original. We covered the entire second level

of the formal curriculum of the system.

At the end of this meeting I was appointed Apprentice Instructor

in De Campo 1-2-3 Original by Guro Tony Yarwood and by Cat Necula

and Full Instructor in Igmat Baraw K.F.S. by Cat Necula.

During the summer, Tino – a dedicated FMA practitioner  from Vienna –

became interested in De Campo 1-2-3 Original

and started visiting us and training with us in the week-ends.

This video was shot during one of these sessions, when Tino was accompanied

by Corrado – another Arnis practitioner from Vienna.

On the 8th and 9th of September 2012 I had the opportunity

to hold a  ”low profile” seminar of Kalye Todo Arnis in Bucharest – Romania.

The participants were advanced Filipino Martial Arts practitioners

from the clubs  ”Sasori” and ”Cinco Teros”.

kalye 2 449 kalye 2 377

kalye 2 067 kalye 2 754

From the end of september, we resumed our group training

in Volkshaus Bindermichl, as registered members of the Fencing Club 😀



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