Training in London – July 2012


It is the first day of August and I just put behind me

a great week-end in London. I didn’t went there to light up

the olympic flame and not even to watch the opening ceremony,

but to visit my respected instructor and good friend Cat Necula.

Aside from catching up and training with him,

Saturday afternoon I also had the great pleasure to meet and train with

Guro Tony Yarwood, the European Chief Instructor

of DeCampo 1-2-3 Original. We covered the entire second level

of the formal curriculum of the system.


Sunday morning started with an intense 1 on 1 session

of knife fighting with Cat.

Once again I had to agree with Antonio Faedda (NUDDA MAX Training),

who told him: ” Cat, you are the only man I know

I would never want to face  with a knife in his hands! ”


At the end of this meeting I had the honor to be appointed

Apprentice Instructor in DeCampo 1-2-3 Original

by Guro Tony Yarwood and by Cat Necula

and Full Instructor in Igmat Baraw K.F.S. by Cat Necula.

I wish to thank again to both of them for their kindness,

patience and trust in me and to Cat and his family

for their hospitality and generosity.



~ by pinoro on August 1, 2012.

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