Five Characters secrets – part 1 (from Taiji Classics)


 If the Xing (mind and heart) is not calm, one cannot concentrate,

and when the arm is raised, whether forward or back,

left or right, it is completely without certain direction.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a calm mind.

The entire mind must also experience and comprehend

the movements of the opponent. Accordingly, when the movement bends,

it then straightens, without disconnecting or resisting.

Do not extend or retreat by yourself. If my opponent has li [external strength],

I also have li, but my li is previous in exact anticipation of his.

If the opponent does not have li, I am also without li,

but my Yi [mind-intent] is still previous.

It is necessary to be continually mindful;

to whatever part of the body is touched the mind should go.

You must discover the information by non-discrimination

and non-resistance. Follow this method and in one year,

or a half-year, you will instinctively find it in your body.

All of this means you use I, not Qi [intrinsic force].

After a practicing for a long time, the opponent

will be controlled by me and I will not be controlled by him.


If the body is clumsy, then in advancing or retreating it cannot be free;

therefore, it must be agile. Once you raise your arm,

you cannot appear clumsy.

The moment the force of my opponent

touches my skin and hair, my mind is already penetrating his bones.

When holding up the arms, the Qi [vital life energy]

is threaded together continuously. When the left side is heavy,

it then empties, and the right side is already countering.

When the right is heavy, it empties, and the left is already countering.

The Qi is like a wheel, and the whole body

must mutually coordinate. If there is any uncoordinated place,

the body becomes disordered and weak.

The defect is to be found in the waist and legs.

First the mind is used to order the body. Follow the opponent

and not your own inclination. Later your body can follow your mind,

and you can control yourself and still follow the opponent.

When you only follow your own inclination, you are clumsy,

but when you follow the opponent, then your hands

can distinguish and weigh accurately the amount of his force,

and measure the distance of his approach with no mistake.

Advancing and retreating, everywhere the coordination is perfect.

After studying for a long time, your technique will become skillful.

To Gather the Qi

If the Qi is dispersed, then it is not stored and is easy to scatter.

Let the Qi penetrate the spine and the inhalation and exhalation

be smooth and unimpeded throughout the entire body.

The inhalation closes and gathers, the exhalation opens and discharges.

Because the inhalation can naturally raise

and also uproot the opponent, the exhalation can naturally sink down

and also fa-jing [discharge energy] him.

This is by means of the Yi, not the li mobilizing the Qi.


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  1. True and nIce said… tenx!!

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