Kalye Todo Arnis – seminar outline

Just one week left until an event I’m very excited about –

the Filipino Martial Arts Seminar in Bucharest,

on April 13 and 14, 2012.

Being responsible for one of the four modules

( KALYE TODO ARNIS – short range stickfighting system),

I decided to make a more detailed outline

of what I will try to cover in those few hours.

Part 1 – Introduction

– Origins, lineage, name, characteristics

– When and how it can be useful

– Technical arsenal and requested attributes

– The importance of the free hand

– Conclusion

Part 2 – Work

– Stance; hand positions

– basic strikes , isolating the most common

– footwork, mirroring, striking with footwork

– defending the basic strikes; simple block and counter

– power generation

– introducing ”special situations”

punyo – as attack and as counter

– 3 principles of disarming; isolating the first one.

Part 3 – Questions

~ by pinoro on April 6, 2012.

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