Wing Chun striking training (video)

Wing Chun KungFu is a concept-based system,

and one of these concepts are ”Lin Wan Kune”

– chained punches/ linked attacks.

This (in)famous concept is understood and interpreted in various ways.

This is our way šŸ™‚

Pinoro Training Group – March 2012

~ by pinoro on March 11, 2012.

One Response to “Wing Chun striking training (video)”

  1. I use some similar methods. I wish you had a longer punching bag. I have used the idea of combining pvc pipe padded and taped with an attachable arm and a head sized ball attached to a ceiling/floor attached all through a long bungee cord. It really moved and was a great way to practice defense, entry, lin sil dai dar, and lin wan kuen.
    I would like to share some of my equipment that I have devised with you- all homemade affordable and fantastic for training.
    Good demonstration keep up the good work.

    Best wishes,
    Sifu Jonathan E. Kiser

    P.S.-Feel welcomed to friend me on FB.

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