Armed Combat Tactics – video highlights


A.C.T.  is definitely one of the best you can get in terms of

sparring with blades – either short, medium or long blades.

Here are just a few videos of A.C.T.’s founder Alex Zhelezniak  in action.

Check his youtube profile for more 🙂

” A.C.T. – Armed Combat and Tactics

is a full contact weapon fighting system.

We are a school, dedicated to teaching

the practical use of both bladed and impact weapons.

Our purpose is to improve our fighting skill by practicing

an effective fighting system applicable to an extensive arsenal of weapons,

as well as to provide a safe ground for the testing

of combative weapon skills while staying as close as possible

to the realities of combat.
We incorporate techniques from : kenjutsu, escrima, boxing , Jogo do pau.
The arsenal includes knife, katana, spear (Yari/Naginata),

bolo (short Filipino sword), European longsword,

medium staff (JO and its Portuguese version) and folding tactical baton. ”

~ by pinoro on March 10, 2012.

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