Filipino Martial Arts festival – Romania 2012

Two days of intensive training, in which four different styles

of Filipino Martial Arts will be introduced to the practitioners

and enthusiasts from Romania (and not only).

My instructor and friend Catalin ”Cat” Necula (UK)

will present  DeCampo 1-2-3 Original, a long range full-contact

stickfighting system and Igmat Baraw, his own knifefighting system.

Instr. Antonio Faedda (Italy) will introduce

for the very first time in Romania

his explosive empty hands style – NUDDA Filipino Boxing.

And lastly, yours trully will proudly represent

Kalye Todo Corto Mano Arnis – a short range stickfighting system

passed on to me by my other FMA instructor

Bobby Dela Rosa (Batangas, Philippines).

This unique event is organized and hosted

by Instr. Catalin Vlad from Bukan Krav Maga Romania.

~ by pinoro on January 8, 2012.

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