Intercepting counters


When you’re able  to land a hit without being stopped,

it might appear that you are faster than your opponent.

But actually this ability depends much more on timing and reflex

than it does on speed.

One of the things that can drastically improve your timing

is to start using intercepting counters instead of block and counter.

Blocking relies on speed and timing, but slows the counter process

and makes it easy for the attacker to follow-up.

Striking your opponent when he attempts to strikes you cuts the time in half,

 and is much more difficult for him to follow-up,

 because most likely he didn’t saw your counter hit:

 on the attack, an opponent tends to be focused only on landing his shot

 and he’s not using his periferal vision, or atleast he’s not focused on it.

~ by pinoro on January 5, 2012.

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