” A master of the art ”

” A master of the art must be a master of himself. He must be in control.

His daily life epitomizes a man in control of his life, his destiny.

A master of the art must know his art, its origins, its history,

its philosophy. He must know the techniques, the interplay of techniques,

and the reversals of techniques.

A master must know the basics, the intermediate forms and techniques,

and the advance levels of the art.

Mastery of the art does not only mean so many years in the art,

but the amount of experience using the art, one’s personal evolution

within the art and personal dedication and contribution to the art.

A master of the art must know how to teach

and impart knowledge from the art.

He must be able to communicate, elaborate and present the art

in such a way that each student learns on a personal basis.

Each instruction is adapted to the learning process and ability of the student.

A master must be a real maestro, a real teacher.

A master of the art must be of good character.

He should epitomize the qualities of a leader, the majesty of a noble,

and the courage and strength of a warrior.

A master of the art is called and acknowledged a Master

by other masters, NEVER by himself. ”

                                                                – by Punong Guro EDGAR SULITE

~ by pinoro on December 11, 2011.

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