Thoughts on self protection – part 2

At the core of a good personal protection system

are only a few techniques, honed and developed using the concepts

of simplicity, directness and efficiency.

These techniques should be applied with the intention

of being first, being fast and being ferocious.

SIMPLE: does not require analysis or thought procession,

is as automatic as blinking, utilises the  minimum number of movements.

DIRECT: follows the shortest distance from point A to point B,

attacks the closest target with the nearest weapon.

EFFICIENT: does not create targets for the attacker,

has minimal effect on balance/stability, uses economy of motion.


Treat every attacker as armed, whether a weapon is in evidence or not.

Treat every attack as a potential multiple attack.


Avoid going to the ground because, once there, it is difficult to get up

if you are outnumbered. There can be no doubt about the effectiveness

of grappling arts, but arts that seek to take the opponent to the ground

at the earliest opportunity may place the practitioner at a disadvantage,

especially if those who are attacking are prepared to do so

with absolutely no consideration for fair-play and no regard for the consequences.


Fear is experienced as a sudden release of adrenaline,

followed immediately by the associated physiological responses.

Fear can be thought paralysing, causing one to act irrationally,

 or not to act at all, thus giving the attacker a devastating advantage.

  To learn how to control your fear, one must confront fear,

to move outside one’s confort zone:

starting with the mildest at the bottom of the pyramid,

and working up to your worst nightmare at the top.

The idea is not to rid yourself of fear, but to get used

to its harmful efect on you.  It can in fact heighten your  awareness

as well as prepare your body for action.


Some of the effects of adrenalin: increased heart rate and force of contraction

( which means increased blood supply to the muscles ),

dilatation of lung airways- enabling increase in oxygen uptake,

dilatation of the pupils – increasing depth perception, anaesthetic effect.

The release of adrenalin should therefore be seen as a positive response

to the perception of the threat, and therefore encouraged in training.


If you allow your attacker to initiate the action

then he will usually dictate your response. This will allow him

to determine the distance at which the altercation will take place

and this may not be the distance

where you can best apply your protective principles.


The effective components of a decisive posture are:

–         it is deceptive in its martial intent

–         it allows for effective mobility and distance control

–         it is based on the ability to deliver extremely powerful blows

from a short distance without a perceptible ‘’wind-up’’

–         it enables either or both arms ,from whatever their position,

to strike effective targets without telegraphing

–         most important,it is a trigger for psychological action


It is absolutely essential that you totally overwhelm your opponent:

be first, be fast, be ferocious.


~ by pinoro on December 5, 2011.

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