Mind structure – a few words for my students/training partners

In the arts that we’re studying we emphasize

the importance of structure – and by that we mean body structure.

But of great importance is also the mind structure,

which is the right attitude and mindset necessary

to learn and practise a martial art.


In training – just like in life – there are good days

and…not so good days. There are sessions when you feel strong,

your reflexes are sharp and you can easily understand

and learn new things. And there are days in which you feel weak,

stiff, slow and even dumb 😀

The best thing to do in such days is to remember the concept

of Siu Nim Tao (”small steps”) and to do everything slower and lighter.

Leave the speed and the power for a better day.

Being ambitious and motivated is good, but demanding

from yourself more than you can deliver will only bring

failure and frustration. Over-ambition, greed and frustration

will tense the mind and the mind will tense the body.

You’ll end up being stiffer, slower and dumber

than in the beginning of the training 🙂

Take a deep breath, relax, reduce the intensity and continue.

Even when you’re making a mistake, stay focused and ready

to repeat/continue in the next second. Getting frustrated

and verbally showing it (”Arrghhh!!! Ughhh!! Sh***t!!”)

is not  helping and is only making you waste focus, energy and time.


Just like the body, the mind must be centered, balanced and strong.

Stay focused and serious in training (sharing a laugh

and cracking a joke are ok, but in breaks or at the end),

get involved in the practise and make it a part of your life.

It was your choice to start training – so treat it with respect

and do it wholeheartedly, without ”hunting” the results.

Relax and enjoy the journey 😉

” balance ”


~ by pinoro on November 30, 2011.

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