The four levels of awareness

WHITE: lack of awareness/ the victim syndrome

This is a dangerously low level of awareness. It is the condition occupied

by most people most of the time.

Your chances of being aware of any threat, of avoiding an attack

or issuing a counter-attack are greatly reduced.

This condition must therefore be avoided at all times and at all costs.

YELLOW: awareness- evaluation – avoidance

By developing a calm, subliminal awareness – not paranoia –

you will be aware of a change in the environement and have time to adjust.

ORANGE: response to threat/ making a decision

You will be able very quickly to evaluate the threat

and put in place strategies and tactics to avoid or otherwise

deal with the threat in an effective and efficient manner.

RED: fight or flight/ the pre-emtive strike

Fight or flight – the moment of truth.

If you have to fight, be first, be fast and be ferocious.

It’s better to be pro-active than reactive. Seize the initiative before it’s too late.

Condition red should be seen as an automatic,

virtually instant trigger for full blooded, totally committed action.


~ by pinoro on November 27, 2011.

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