Annual seminar with Sifu Adrian Tautan in Romania

Last week-end, on the 22nd and the 23rd of October,

Nei Kung Sport Club from Cluj-Napoca (Romania) held the annual

Wing Chun and Arnis-Eskrima  seminar, conducted by Chief Instructor Adrian Tautan.

First of all, it was a good chance for me to meet my Sifu

and some old and new friends and fellow practitioners of the arts.

And also a very good experience for my student Roland, who accompanied me.

The Wing Chun Kung fu seminar started with the execution and correction

of the first two forms of the system and the analysis of some of their principles.

We continued with a few basic techniques used as examples

for the core principle of the style, then with Chi Sao and clinch work.

In the afternoon we started with striking training, then we moved on

to sparring oriented drills and Guo Sao.

Throughout the seminar, Sifu Adrian reinforced the importance

of not becoming addicted to techniques, but instead training

through concepts and developing attributes.

Because during a violent situation all the memorized techniques

will quickly vanish and what we have left are concepts

that will trigger the trained reactions and will put the hitting power to work

(or any other kind of trained power).

And his words were proven to be so true during the verification fights

that we had on the last part of the seminar! 😀

I will post soon a highlight video of these matches,

with details about the rules and the pointing system.

Sunday was the Filipino Martial Arts day, more precisely

we worked on the basics of Dumaguete Arnis System,

in which Sifu Adrian is a full instructor.

This was my first consistent contact with the style and I enjoyed it.

I also discovered that the Largo part of the system

has many elements from De Campo 1-2-3, which I am currently studying.

In the afternoon we also had verification fights, in which we tried

to apply the technique and to test our skills.

My student Roland entered this matches with ZERO

stick sparring experience and I must say he did a good job 🙂


More pictures and a video highlight coming soon!

~ by pinoro on October 30, 2011.

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