Some fitness facts and tips

The amount of calories you burn in a day:

20-30% physical activities + 10% thermic effect of eating + 60-70% RMR

(resting metabolic rate).

The more lean mass (muscle) you have, the higher your RMR,

so the more calories you burn even when resting.

Any type of crash/severe diet means significant loss of lean mass along with fats.

 And after the diet you gain fats on a higher rate, because your RMR is now lower.

Exercises involving higher/bigger muscles are better for weight loss

 (pull-ups, swings, snatches, squats, deadlifts, presses etc.)


WORK = F (amount of weight moved in an exercise) multiplied by D

(distance you moved that weight).

The more work, the more calories burned and the higher RMR.

 High range of motions exercises (snatch, clean&press, deadlift)

 force u to the highest quantity of work.

FREE WEIGHTS require u to stabilize the weight,

while machines stabilize it for u and restrict u to a fixed path of motion.

Weight belts weaken the core muscles, so avoid them.

AEROBIC training (cardio) – burns more fat during the workout,

but also lean mass, which lowers the RMR.

The ‘’damage’’ created by cardio is fixed in a few hours,

while the one created by weights in 1-2 days, which keeps the RMR high.


Our bodies are designed to perform physical activity in bursts of exertion

 followed by recovery (stop&go movement) instead of steady state movement

 (no animals are doing ‘’endurance’’ activities, only when forced by humans!)

A sprinter is very lean, muscular and has powerful looking body,

 while a marathonist is very thin, no muscles and sickly looking.

Another factor: the internal effect of various forms of exercise.

Excessive steady state endurance training (more than 60 min./sessions, many days/week)

 can degenerate joints, reduce immune functions, cause muscle wasting

and can cause inflammatory response (= chronic disease).

Optimal training frequency: 3-4 days/week, 45-60 min.

Most effective multi-joints exercises:

–         Standard deadlifts (knee s bent)

–         Romanian deadlifts (legs almost fully stretched)

–         Frant, back and overhead squats, high pull-ups

–         Dips, chin-ups, swings, clean and press, snatches (KB or barbell)

The SNATCH is the exercise in which u put the most work.


~ by pinoro on October 12, 2011.

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