From learning to training

We start learning martial arts with different motivations:

because we’re attracted to it,

because we want to have something ”different” in our lives,

 because we think that maybe one day we’ll need it

to defend ourselves or our loved ones…

And we train the things we learn in order to become

better and better at it. But how does that training looks like?

If for example  you’re doing an hour of stick training,

are you throwing  100 strikes or 500?

A sparring related drill with your partner, are you doing it 10 times each

or 50 times each? When you’re punching the bag,

is it 2 x 2 minutes rounds or 5 x 3 minutes rounds?

In order to become better we need to create in us the discipline

of constant and intense training, of less talking and fewer breaks

and of high number of repetitions. Because this is the only way to skill,

there’s no shortcut, no cutting down time.


The more we repeat, the better we get, it’s just that simple!

~ by pinoro on October 7, 2011.

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