Thoughts on self protection

It is vital that the instructor has a clear understanding

of power generation utilising an informed understanding

of exercise methodologies and biomechanics,

thus enabling the student to realise their full striking potential.


Environmentally, there are two ‘’basic’’ ways in which you may be attacked.

Firstly, your attacker can strike suddenly from a concealed position,

utilising the elemnt of surprise.

The object is to catch you unaware and to subject you

to enormous pressure, mentally, physically and – most important – emotionally.

Another method of attack would be for the opponent

to confront you at a very close range, employing psychological tactics.

As in the ambush scenario, fear is a major weapon in his arsenal

– using threatening gestures and language.

On the other hand, the attacker may decide

to adopt the very different strategy of appearing to be non-threatening,

by behaving in a disarming and deceptive manner.

He may ask you a seemingly harmless question designed not to upset you,

but to distract you in some way, thereby making you vulnerable

to a sudden attack because you are in a more relaxed state

and off your guard.


It is nearly always the attacker who dictates ( or intends to dictate)

the physical distance at which the confrontation and assault will take place.


You can make yourself a victim by your lack of awareness,

your meek demeanour and other body language.


Fear is the most overlooked aspect of any attack scenario.

The creation of fear in the victim is one of the major goals

and weapons employed by a would-be attacker.

As such, any self-defence system that ignores or plays down this aspect

cannot be regarded as realistic.


Agression can be a  useful tool when channelled correctly.

However, anger is a sign of a lack of mental control

and can blind you to what is going around you,

affecting your own intuitive responses.

Needless to say, if there is more than one attacker,

you need to be conscious of all that is going on arounf you.

Control over your emotions will help you

crystalize your thoughts, a thought that would prompt you to act,

to fight on, or to take flight.



~ by pinoro on September 25, 2011.

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