Killing me softly…

I always told  my students and training partners

 that when it comes to knife,

I would rather train nothing at all, than to get trapped

in a web of useless and suicidal techniques.

The subject is much too sensitive to treat it lightly

and to start doing patterns and templates that look cool

and ”lethal”  in seminars, demos or movies.

”Feel-good about myself” or wellness training with knives

it’s simply stupid and dangerous!


So this goes out to the myriad of ”blade masters”

who go on teaching their students dozens and dozens

of knife techniques, drills, taps, disarms, locks etc.etc…

Dozens of ways to get killed!

These videos are purely random examples and there are

  hundreds of such online, so no personal offense intended!

It’s strictly about the content of the videos.

And I’ll be happy to be proven wrong

and shown that these things work for real 🙂



~ by pinoro on September 5, 2011.

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