The Sifu/Tuhon/Guro/Sensei syndrome

If you are taking a look on any well-populated

martial arts internet forum, you will notice that there are

many users whose nickname starts with Sifu, Guro, Sensei or Tuhon.

Same goes for Facebook or other social network website…

You’re watching a martial arts DVD – or just a video on Youtube –

and a man is greeting you: ” Hi! My name is Dai-Sifu..Mickey Mouse”

or ” My name is Grand Tuhon…Santa Claus” or even worse:

” Hello! I am Master/Grandmaster…Humpty Dumpty”!

Someone with not too much knowledge about martial arts titles

will start wondering what kind of first name is Grand Tuhon 🙂


For me this aspect is somewhere at the border between ridiculous

and slightly annoying…I’m sure that many of these persons

are really experts or even masters of their arts,

but do they really have to call themselves that??

Wouldn’t it be much better to just let the others do it –

their students, their ”brothers”/ ”sisters” – the martial arts community?

Ok,ok – if someone really deserves that title it’s not such a big sin

to use it himself/herself also…

But what to do about that category of  ”master”

who knows by heart dozens of forms and hundreds of dead drills,

who swings some sticks and slaps some pads,

or who demonstrates ”real combat techniques”

only on a living dummy who freezes after one half-hearted attack?

For them I have a very nice quote from Mr. M. Kuntawman Gatdula:


”  If you are a 45 years old guy with a set of videos,

a bunch of papers on your wall and you call yourself a master,

but people still doubt your skill, guess what? You’re not one! ”



~ by pinoro on August 4, 2011.

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