The world is nothing but a large village…

Who would have thought that in a medium-sized city like Linz

and in a rather small filipino community,

I would have the chance to meet the close relatives

of a worldwide known Filipino Martial Arts master??

Two weeks ago I had a meeting with Mr. Vincent Adug,

the president of  PAAL (Filipino-Austrian Association Linz),

to talk about the possibilities of supporting and promoting

Filipino Martial Arts in Linz.

After a few minutes he told me that his brother-in-law

is a known eskrimador and maybe I’ve heard of him.

My jaw simply dropped when he told me the name:

the famous  Nonato ”Nene” Gaabucayan,

student of Teofilo Velez ( close disciple of Anciong Bacon,

the founder of Balintawak Eskrima),

and now president of NNG Balintawak International (California, USA).

Yesterday I attended – together with my wife –

the PAAL Summer Fiesta 2011 and we had the pleasure

to meet Mrs. Delfina Gaabucayan Adug – the sister of Master ”Nene”

and I must say that there’s an obvious physical resemblance there!

She was very nice to us and enthusiasted by the idea of promoting

Filipino Martial Arts in Linz through their association.

And she seemed quite surprised to meet someone here

that knows so much about her brother 😀

The world is really a small place and you never know whom you can meet,

you never know whom you can bump into at the next corner…

Here are two videos of Master Nene Gaabucayan

demonstrating his style of Balintawak Eskrima.

~ by pinoro on July 3, 2011.

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