Some more guidelines

When defending yourself, first use your mind;

secondly, be able to use a long range weapon effectively;

 thirdly, be capable of using a bladed weapon; and lastly,

be skilled at using a striking art. The least of your worries in saving yourself

 and your family is what you do while wrestling with one bandit on the ground.


Why use a vertical fist instead of a horizontal one?

The developed horizontal fist has about 10% better striking power,

but the trained vertical fist has 100% better forearm pinning ability.


Do not over engineer your countering drills.

There are single blocking movements, and sometimes double count blocks.

There should never be three blocks – the third move must be a strike.


Seek a shadow partner that is willing to give you quality training time

 without the ugliness of the ego. The quality of your skills

 will depend heavily on the skill and diligence of your shadow partner.


Periodic times of frustration during training are to be expected.

Frustration comes from the inability to meet inner

and outer expectations. There is a great chance

that you need to return to the basics and simplify your practice.

Learn to slow down your desire and refine what you have already achieved.

 Regain your training momentum by returning to the basics.


Chi Sao is rooted in the close and very close ranges of fighting.

 Do not forget the longer range bridging and kicking techniques.

Distance sparring and in-close chi sao must complement each other.

Chi Sao is nothing without the distance sparring and distance sparring

is incomplete without Chi Sao.

~ by pinoro on June 21, 2011.

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