Light sparring with two of my students

Light sparring with my students Ivan (16 months of training, short pants)

 and Roland (1 year of training, adidas pants).

Eventhough we used helmets, I kept the intensity lower,

in order to easily see and correct mistakes,

 to stimulate them to apply what they have drilled

 and also to give them more ”guts” to attact me.


This kind of sparring should be an useful exercise

for the student and NOT an ego trip for the trainer

(as we can sadly see in many videos in the internet…)


These two guys are still training on the Siu Nim Tao level

– which means we focus on developping stability, strong structure,

dynamic steps, precise and relaxed hands and

of course, some decent hitting power –

and they recently completed learning Gei Boon Kune

(our ”helping form”) – which means they started working

on coordinating hands and footwork. And as we all know,

that needs a lot of work.

That’s why in our sparring exercises we use no kicks, no sweeps,

no takedowns – only hand techniques.

For me, Wing Chun is Boxing with a plan B (trapping)

and a plan C (kicking). These boys are still at the boxing part 😀


” Although a person has a kind heart and is fair to people,

 he must develop intensity and ferocity.

 Ferocity is the corner stone in developing intensity and courage.

 Survival situations will require courage. ”


~ by pinoro on June 14, 2011.

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