Fighting posture, intercepting and types of entry


When you’re assuming a structure/fighting posture,

use it as reference point in relationship to your opponent.

The stance should be rooted, but not  static, rigid or dead.

 Focuse on maintaining the plane of the shoulders and the hips

perpendicular to the line between yourself and your opponent (facing).

Keep your eyes fixed on his sternum, because this is the point

where initial arm movement starts. Don’t look at his face/eyes,

nor at his arms or legs.

In long range, eye sensitivity is most important; in close range,

it is replaced by contact sensitivity. Train the eyes not to blink during combat.

  ‘’When you see form, strike form.When you see shadow, strike shadow.’’


INTERCEPTING  is to close-off the opponent’s ability to continue;

 to deliberately place your body in front of him and to limit his next motion.

 The most important thing for  intercepting is to recognize the signs

 before an action has been delivered.

 Entry on preparation: enter just as the opponent prepares to attack you.

 Entry on development:  enter as an opponent initially delivers his blow ,

 at which time he has not build-up sufficient momentum,power and extension

 to strike you. In essence, here you smother your opponent’s blow.

 Entry on extension: this is the most inferior (and unsafe) entry method,

 because you must deal with the opponent’s full power, extension,

momentum and inertia to stop his blow.

 Entry on withdrawal:  enter when an opponent has withdrawn a strike

that he has missed or connected with his target.

In essence, you simply enter with the complete body structure

 to smother any further movements.




~ by pinoro on June 9, 2011.

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