The human machine

The human being may be considered an ‘’information processing’’ system,

similar to the way a computer operates.

 For a fighter, the inputs consists of various attacks from an opponent.

The processing involves noting the important characteristics of the attack,

and selecting the proper response.

Finally, the ‘’output’’  consists in the ex ecution of a response.

 The greater the number of responses available

the more difficult it becomes to select one.  Having selected

an appropiate response, the practitioner must physically execute it.

Muscle groups must be trained individually to provide

the correct leverage. Then, to correctly execute the response,

the muscle groups must be trained to act as an unit.


When the opponent traps your hand, your leg, or your body,

 your mind instantly freezes and considers the options.

There is a psychological breakdown, and you begin to lose confidence.

 And when you’re not allowed  the time to solve your immediate problem,

 you become frustrated – and therefore emotionally trapped.


At long range and no contact with your opponent, you need eye sensitivity.

In short range, you must train your contact sensitivity.

Both eye and contact sensitivity  follow each other,

where one leads off, the other follows to continue.


It is important  to learn to control your opponent

 and set him up for the next shot.  Is like playing billiard,

you must always look for the next shot.



~ by pinoro on May 23, 2011.

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