Fear is something that all people experience–whether  they admit it or not.

Fear can’t be erased, only faced and controlled or canalized.

And there are two kinds of it:  healthy fear and unhealthy fear.

The healthy one can motivate you to work harder in training,

 and  it can  switch on the aggressivity and the ferocity

needed in a real fight . 

The unhealthy fear  pushes you often to do stupid things  

and it’s usually hiding under the mask of overconfidence,

arrogance or cockiness – and many people take it as courage.

But it’s not. Courage is the strength to do what you fear doing.


Healthy fear is experienced before the altercation

and it’s turned into controlled anger and ferocity.

The unhealthy one comes in during the altercation

and it ruins your coordination and focus,

slows down your reflexes and increases your heart rate.


Why so many martial arts practitioners fail to turn

the unhealthy fear into the healthy one?

Simple: because they don’t work hard enough

to bring their skills to a high level of proficiency.

~ by pinoro on May 4, 2011.

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