There are several factors that influence the way a student

learns, understands,  performs and later  expresses a  style.


Instructor – his style, his personality, his level of understanding,

his didactic skills and teaching method. Some instructors teach

a fixed and general curriculum to everyone, others teach

what works for themselves, while others teach

what each of their students needs, according to their attributes.


Intelligence – influences the theoretical understanding

of the system, the ability to rationalize and extrapolate

theoretical concepts.


Personality – some people have too much agressivity,

while other people don’t have enough in order to become

good fighters; some people are giving in too easy,

while others feel they must always be in control

and they must WIN or not get hit by any cost.

Body type – smaller people will tend to rely more

on technique, on footwork, on agility, while larger people

will always be tempted to use their muscular force

 to ”crush” their opponents.


Ultimate goal of the student has also a big influence:

some people really want to learn how to fight,

other people want to have just a weekly exercise,

while others are interested more in the cultural

or in the philosophical aspects of martial arts.


~ by pinoro on April 12, 2011.

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