Knowledge and wisdom

” Knowledge is information; wisdom is transformation.

Knowledge is borrowed; wisdom is your own.

Knowledge is ego-fulfilling; wisdom happens only when

the ego is totally dropped.

Knowledge is certain kind of power, just like money,

because it gives you the feeling that you are higher than others.

In the outer world, certificates and degrees are of great use,

but in the inner world only simplicity and humbleness helps.

But sometimes the outer knowledge is corrupting

even the inner world, the religion.

It’s understandable that a scientist is acquiring knowledge,

because he can’t function without it.

Science depends on tradition but real religion doesn’t –

eventhough people think it’s the other way around!

Science is traditional because it depends on the past,

you have to know what is known already in order to go further

and improve it or discover something new.

but religion is non-traditional, is actually a rebellion!

Without Newton there would have been no Edison,

but Buddha could happen without Khrishna

and Jesus without Moses…

Science is collective, but religion is individual;

you have to make the whole discovery again,

you can’t depend on Buddha, on Christ or on anybody else.

You can’t take things for granted, you always have to start

from zero, from abe. You can’t say: ” This has been

already discovered by Buddha, so there’s no need for me

to discover it again! ”

Buddha discovered HIS inner being, that is not YOURS.

If you only believe in him you will remain only

knowledgeable, but that is not what you need, that is false

as far as the inner is concerned.

Knowledge is of no real help in the inner world,

only self-knowledge. Unless you know yourself,

all your beliefs will create new burdens and bondages,

they will not help you to be liberated. ”




~ by pinoro on April 10, 2011.

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