Wing Chun thoughts – false skills and tricks

Sometimes during the free playing of Chi sao/Guo sao

it happens that people with a developed sense of competition

forget what is the real purpose of this free practise

and turn it into an ego game of  ” hit a lot and don’t get hit at all ”.

And since they don’t have sufficient skills for this,

they start to use different tricks and false skills.

The first of them is the unnecessary use of  strength,

instead of  learning to sensitively control the opponent.

The next one is the over use of  footwork. The person

simply steps back or runs away every time an attack is sensed.

But the fact that they become very difficult to hit

doesn’t make them skilled!


A trick that is sometimes employed by intermediate

or light-advanced students is the Biu Jee form,

more exactly the ” emergency techniques” from it

( if you don’t know yet what I mean, just keep training! 🙂 )

But the purpose of their training should actually be

to learn  to avoid being trapped or brought in situation

that request such measures.


But the trick mostly used is the ” cheap shot”

a fast hit in which is no trapping, no control

and no skill involved – only speed.

And it’s the clear sign of poor skills and huge ego :-d


Once again, Chi Sao/Guo Sao is not about using strength,

preventing hits, running away, cheap shots

or emergency techniques; it’s not about competition.

It’s simply an exercise that could help you develop

the real skill of controlling your oponent through sensitivity.

It’s a honest game, a sincere and respectful exchange.

But hey, here’s a gentleman who can say these things

much better than me. Enjoy!


~ by pinoro on April 6, 2011.

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