Wing Chun thoughts – being in a rush

One of the biggest enemies of your own progress

is being in a rush. Most of the beginners and intermediate

students suffer of this ”disease”: they skip the precision part

and want to do everything fast and with power

from the moment they first learn that thing (drill or form).

When learning a new technique, do not expect to become

good at it any time soon. Remember the chinese proverb

about the 10.000 repetitions! 🙂

If it’s a technique with partner, practise it first slow and without

resistance from your partner. This will allow the brain

to permanently control the movement and will teach you

how it feels like and how it should look like when it’s correct.

Only after the technique is a part of muscle memory,

ask your partner to challenge it a bit by using gradually

more strength and increasing the speed.

Use protective gear and move the technique in a more

semi-free environement (isolated sparring).

Only after it looks really good on this stage,

you can start testing that technique in free sparring.

You will probably fail miserably on the first attempts,

but thats ok, it will get better on time 😉


And  NEVER learn and train routines of techniques

(counter to counter to counter).

The  techniques should be absolutely independent

from eachother and put together as needed.

Every of your next move must be determined

by the actions of your opponent!

~ by pinoro on April 5, 2011.

7 Responses to “Wing Chun thoughts – being in a rush”

  1. Very true words 🙂 When our body is not ready for the movements, our brain wants to “compensate” this by using speed and power, lacking the precision and understanding, whats happening 😀
    Keep posting such nice thoughts, I’ll check the videos you uploaded soon when I’m back again!

  2. Thank you, I also enjoyed reading your training&travel reports 😉
    Is this the last week? when are you coming back? We miss you already, hehehe!

  3. I enjoyed to read your comments to my posts too, thanks! 🙂 Yes, the last week, unfortunately! Master Chen is still showing me some special kind of an additional form this week. So coming back I have many new stuff to repeat then.
    Will travel in the night from saturday to sunday back and arrive sunday morning. With a big jet-lag I guess! But a lot of coffee will help me overcome it 😀
    Thats a good sign, that you are missing me, hehe 😉 I hope, your training went well during my absence and I’m looking forward to join your group very soon!

  4. everything is ok here, our group has 3 new members 🙂
    So i guess i’ll see you next week? enjoy the rest of your staying and take care of you!

  5. 3 new members? So perhaps therefore you’re missing me already :))))
    Thats good news, so the “family” is growing! Looking forward to check them out and train with them soon. How good are they, any MA background?

  6. They’re good boys, just one of them trained a bit in WT. I’m training with them on different days, not together with R. and I.
    We will have a ” big group” training next week and celebrate your return with full-contact sparring! 😉

  7. *LOOL*…welcome back home:
    *bammm* *slasshh* 😀
    Interested in arnis too? Or just WC? Perhaps soon we’ll have to have a look for a bigger training room.

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