Speed, coordination, timing

There are two types of speed necessary in a fight:

reaction speed and movement speed.

In order to have reaction speed, what you must have first

is sensitivity (awereness of where and when to move).

The most important factor in developing sensitivity is relaxation.

Movement speed  defines the time you need to cover

a specific distance. For this kind of speed you need

explosivity, which also depends highly on relaxation.


Coordination is best defined as ” body unity in motion ”

In order to achieve this, you must have stability,

which comes from proper structure and balance.


Timing is the ability to utilize the proper reaction

at the proper distance. Developing timing

depends on distance awareness. At an advanced level,

even speed and coordination are secondary to timing.



Here’s a video with a man who definitely knows something

about speed, coordination and timing 🙂


~ by pinoro on March 18, 2011.

One Response to “Speed, coordination, timing”

  1. Great post Cat! I think the relaxation in combination with strike capability is the point, the most people (even me) has to fight with 🙂
    Unfortunately I see no video (because of China), but I assume its Manny 😉 (I guess, due to the tags)

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