Combat ranges

One of the major qualities requested in a fight is MOBILITY.

Mobilty is what gets you to the right place, at the right time,

to apply the right technique. The refference for mobility is distance.

DISTANCE AWARENESS (sense of distance)

is a sensitivity to  space and time; sensitivity to the distance

between you and your opponent, but also between your own

structural components (length and width of stance,

distance between elbow and body etc.)

It tells you when to move, where and the right timing for it.

Distance awareness gives you the COMBAT RANGES.

1. Long range (kicking)

is divided into front leg distance and back leg distance.

An opponent situated outside the back leg distance

is outside the combat range.

2. Middle range (striking) has also two distances:

– one sided striking distance – allows you to maximize the reach

by turning the shoulder to full extension towards the opponent.

In this distance you can also use front kicks and short back leg kicks.

– two sided striking range – allows the use of both hands

at the same time, as well as short, low kicks and sweeps.

3. Close range (trapping) – occurs after having contact

and the techniques for this range are short punches, knees,

elbows, grabbing and sweeping using the hands to control.

4. No range (grappling, throwing) – is the last stand up distance;

the opponent’s hands and legs must be controlled to prevent

being hit, body to body contact is required for throwing,

using leverage at the joints.


Each distance sets you up for the next distance.

The use of the four ranges determines the ”style” of  martial art.

A system is not designed with specific techniques in mind

and afterwards a range is chosen. Instead, knowing the distance,

a structure is developed to match and then technique

will flow from there.

In reality, most of the fights occur in

the striking and trapping range.

~ by pinoro on March 15, 2011.

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