Combat system


is a set of separate components with their own specific purpose,

that – when put together – make the process greater

than each individual part.

A COMBAT SYSTEM  is a formal training program consisting of:

–  an overall strategy to combat

–  specific tactics for short term objectives in combat

–  tools and weapons (techniques)

–  a platform for developping body mechanics and structures

–  methods to develop distance awareness and reactions

–  internal and moral cultivation

A TECHNIQUE is a motion with a clear purpose,

supported by body structure and applied with tactics.

The foundations of any formal learning  are the textbooks

(standardized texts). They contain a progression from general information

 in the earlier chapters to specific information in latter chapters.

FORMS serve as textbooks in combat systems,

detailing the principles, techniques, body mechanics,

fundamental attributes, concepts, and providing guidelines

for the application of techniques in each stage of training.

Phisically, the use of forms introduces techniques (motions)

and develops body structure.

DRILLS with partner are used to strengthen the body structure

 and to develop attributes using consistent or inconsistent contact,

 various ranges or relatively the same range.

When practising forms, the student has no truly clear concept

of how the developed structures are put into application.

Once introduced to contact training, he/she is given a platform

where the body structure can be tested.

Once that experiene has been gained, the student takes on

a new understanding, a new depth and meaning to the forms.

The use of contact with another person

under less controlled circumstances (free sparring, ”talking hads”)

serves to develop the tactical and technical ability

of the student and will bring a deeper understanding

of the forms and of the exercises with partner.

TACTICS AND STRATEGY   are used with the purpose

of removing from the enemy the ability and/or will

to continue to fight.

A strategy is the overall plan, the clear roadmap

from the start of the conflict until the finish.

A tactic is a specific action plan to support the strategy.

It deals with short-term goals.

~ by pinoro on March 10, 2011.

3 Responses to “Combat system”

  1. Nice explanation and summary, thanks!!
    I like your header (“just another low-profile training group”) very much 😀
    Greetings from the east!

  2. Thank you, I’m glad it’s helping!
    How’s the training going? The time is flying, see you soon! 🙂

  3. The time’s flying too fast my friend!! 🙂
    Training good, on friday I started a new “knife” form. Some brutal applications inside…I had to think about the article you posted shortly before.
    This weekend I visited in Beijing – great, REALLY big town & very friendly chinese people… 😀 The report will follow soon!

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