TAO is another name for God, a much more beautiful name,

because the name ” God ” has been exploited so much

that it has become contaminated.

More wrong has been done in the name of God

than in any other name.

TAO cannot be worshiped, cannot be prayed to,

because it doesn’t give us the idea of a person,

like the word ” God ” does.

It is simply a principle – and you can’t pray to it,

you can’t pray to gravitation or to relativity.

TAO simply means the principle that binds

the whole existence together. The order of the Cosmos,

the harmony of the whole – this is TAO. 



And speaking of prayers – most of them arise

only from fear or from greed. People are praying to God

either because they are afraid to lose something,

or because they want something. They project their fears

and desires onto Heaven – and this is obvious in the description

of Paradise in different religions and places:

Tibet – a warm place, India – cool and refreshing;

the muslim Heaven – streams of wine and beautiful maidens…


~ by pinoro on March 3, 2011.

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  1. How true…! 🙂

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