The Philippines 2011 – jogging, addresses and tattoos

February 10.2011

It’s so good to put my body in motion again!

After over a week of just eating, going here and there, sitting,

sleeping, eating, visiting friends, watching TV and movies, eating,

I decided it’s time to get back into my ”rhythm”.

And because it’s impossible to do something under the heat of the day,

I started to wake up earlier and to go running on the streets,

until the basketball court, where I can stretch, do push-ups,

pull-ups and Wing Chun forms.

After only two days I realized that 6 a.m. it’s already kinda late

to start, because it’s already too hot, I’m sweating so much

and have difficulty in breathing due to the air humidity.

So tommorrow morning I’ll try my chances at 5 a.m. 🙂


In the afternoon we try to locate and visit a few FMA schools

here in Las Pinas (that I previously found in the internet).

The first one is of Dekiti Tirsia Kali, in Manuela Subdivision.

We go there and ask a few tricicle drivers – none of them heard of it.

We also ask two people who live in the area, they also

know nothing about an Arnis school.

So we must give up on this one…

We walk until the next location: Bakbakan International,

a school oh Kali Ilustrisimo, located in the PhilAm Life Village –

a place for the privileged ones. Large, clean and quiet streets,

huge houses with pools, expensive cars parked infront or inside,

armed guards at almost every crossroad.

We find the address of the school – it’s the house of the late

Topher Ricketts, one of the close students

of Antonio ”Tatang” Ilustrisimo.

Bad luck again: no school here anymore and a maid tells us

that the family relocated to USA (probably after his death?)


So the infos and addresses in the internet are either wrong

or out of date…I still have two schools on the list,

hope I’ll be able to check them on the next days.


After that we go searching for tattoo and piercing shops,

to inquire about prices. And we end up in the home studio

of a certified tattoo artist named Arthur Mutia.

After negotiating a bit the price, I get a small tattoo:

KALYE TODO in alibat characters on the right arm.

I hope that before I leave, it will pe possible to also retouch

the almost 7 years old dragon…



~ by pinoro on February 23, 2011.

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  1. Nice job thur.. 🙂

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