The Philippines 2011 – Quiapo, Chinatown, Laguna


A few days after my return from Batangas,

we went to Quiapo in Manila to fix the digital camera

and paid 1200 pesos for re-aligning the lens.

We entered the famous Basilica of the Black Nazarene,

then walked aroundin the also famous Quiapo market –

very colorful and very crowded.

Vegetables and fruits, clothes and shoes, electronics, souvenirs,

various foods, sweets, native art…Also  good looking Arnis sticks,

but from skinned rattan, which makes them not a good choice

in hard contact training.

We weren’t able to find a ”Datu” vest, not even in the muslim market.





From Quiapo we go to Chinatown – also overcrowded

and in full preparations for the chinese New Year – just two days ahead.

We buy Hopia and a meaty delicacy named Kokiam. 



We spent the next week-end in Los Banos – Laguna,

with Annie’s best friend and her parents – who were so sweet

and kept feeding us with one dish better than the other!

We slept outside, on the veranda, under a mosquito nest

and we visited the beautiful campus of the UPLB

(University of the Philippines – Los Banos)




~ by pinoro on February 22, 2011.

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