Training in the Philippines 2011 – Part 3

The last three training sessions in Taal

were concentrated in refining the technique

and testing it in a less and less cooperative environment.

Free flow of counters in Largo Mano, counter per counter

and energy drills on the knife chapter knife,

and dealing with complex attacks in Corto Mano

(punyo, live hand attacks, locks, elbows, sweeps,

stick and live hand combinations etc.)


Bobby also concentrated on teaching me

fighting strategies for different ranges and weapons

and answering the questions that I previously wrote down.



And the end of the last session ( Sunday, January 30)

came with a final test for me:

six rounds of Largo Mano sparring – three rounds  with Bobby,

two rounds with Serge (his advanced student and assistant)

and one with Vince (his son and advanced student,

an incredibly strong and skilled kid for his age).

Exhausting and painful, I am writing this post two days after,

and I’m smelling from the ointment I am using

to heal the bruises 🙂


I left Taal on Sunday afternoon, still tired and a bit nostalgic,

but very happy for the time spent there and the

things I have learned and experienced in training,

and also very proud and honored to be the first person

officially allowed and certified to carry and represent

the name of Kalye Todo Arnis Panikuhan

outside the Philippines.


Maraming salamat for everything, pareng Bobby!





~ by pinoro on February 1, 2011.

One Response to “Training in the Philippines 2011 – Part 3”

  1. your always welcome;-) godbless and take care brother..

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