Training in the Philippines 2011 – Part 2

Session number four starts on Thursday, the 27th of January at 8 a.m.

with stretching complex and Largo Mano stick.

The blisters from the previous day are broken now and they hurt even more –

taping them doesn’t help too much.

Bobby tests my ability to block random strikes that come faster with each round.

Then he lets me work on my free flow in front of the mirror

in an one minute workout/30 seconds break rhythm – and this for several rounds.

Then I have to use this free flow in countering rndom strikes.

I’m already wishing we’ll drop the sticks soon and start the knife part

because of the pain caused by the blisters – but I’m not that lucky 🙂

Stick versus knife and stick versus stick and knife follow (espada y daga)

for almost an hour.


I am able to take a break because of the short visit of Master Rodel Dagooc

from Modern Arnis, one of Bobby’s most influential former instructors.

I’m a bit amazed to see in front of me one of the living VIP’s of  FMA,

a man that I saw until now only ion videos and pictures.

He is very nice and tells us to go visit his Arnis Village in the next days.


The knife part comes with a surprise: we are doing directly  counter per counter

in a random mode, because Bobby is not the adept of too many fixed drills.

Everything must remain simple and to the point –

and he reinforces this in the evening session, when we do Corto Mano.

That’s why in the last years his curriculum has been put to “strict diet” 🙂


The 5th session ends with two rounds of Largo Mano sparring,

this time directly with Bobby. Every time I get hit by that padded stick,

it burns like hell, the speed is incredible and the hitting power scary –

very much increased by the clubbells workout.

I go to sleep with a swollen finger and a bruised arm (the other arm

is already bruised from the Corto Mano “”hitting point”).


Next day, after a shorter morning session, concentrated on conditioning,

we make a visit at the Arnis Village – Filipino Martial Arts Training Center,

built and managed by Master Rodel Dagooc (Modern Arnis).

The place is simply charming and Master Rodel is friendly and talkative.

He shows me some of his products first and I’m choosing a few sticks

and a training knife. Then he’s showing me pictures with different celebrities

and from his seminars in different parts of the world,

he’s bringing me to his “factory” in the back of his house and even demonstrates

for me the functionality of the various training dummies from the yard.

After that we sit and talk a bit, he’s asking about my martial arts background

and tells me about his and how was it like to learn Arnis in the old days.

Before we go we take a few pictures with him and he’s telling me to

go to Luneta Park in Manila on  a Sunday morning, to watch his training.

This was anyway on the list of  “things to do” in this vacation…


…to be continued


P.S.: I will upload more pictures probably after I return to Austria.

~ by pinoro on January 29, 2011.

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