Words of my Sifu – excerpts from my learning notes

” WING CHUN KUNG FU could be seen as an ABILITY.

And obtaining an ability implies very hard work. Instead of complaining

that this or that doesn’t work, look back and see how much time you have given

for ”this” or for ”that”. Learning the system isn’t that difficult,

but in order to become very good you must practise and research.

It’s like with the Medical University: after six years you graduate –

but you’re far from being a good doctor!”


” You must not exagerate. Your body will tell you when it is too much.

Kung Fu implies a long road – if you try to walk it all in one day,

you will miss the beauty of the landscape.

The practise should give you a stronger body, not a weaker one. ”


” The three keys of Wing Chun are: stability, flexibility and hitting power. ”


” It is important for the student to follow just one methode (one branch)

until he finishes the system. Afterwards he should come in contact

with as many methods as possible. ”


” The techniques and the drills are useful, but they are just instruments.

See the things exactly as they are: your opponent has creativity –

you must be able to adapt to it and to survive it. ”


” Wing Chun is natural. It might not seem so,

but once you understand its functioning mechanism (the ”circle/spiral” concept)

you will discover that everything in nature obeys the same concept.

We learn and find sources of inspiration at every corner. ”


” The FORMS help you to understand the mechanics of movements

through certain trajectories and to generate more power through these trajectories.

It also builds up muscular memory. Every martial art,

every physical discipline has forms – whether they admit it or not.

The shoots in football, the throws in basketball – these are forms. ”


” When practising forms it is obvious that you have to use

rational control and intention. But in Chi Sao there is only reaction –

you have it or not. Reaction and intention.

The mind has to shut up – we think too slow for Chi Sao and we are fooling ourselves. ”


” Because every person is unique, the teaching method must be personalized.

Different methods are applied on different people.

Uniformization means stagnation. And stagnation means death.

Nothing is permanent. Everything moves and evolves.

A static situation is just an illusion.

You can choose to live in this illusion or not. ”


” The form MUST be perfect! When you do it you are alone,

nothing is bothering you – if you can’t be impeccable under this circumstance,

how could you be in Chi Sao or in free-fight, where the opponent is obstructing you?

The whole idea is that you must be able to take the principles

from the form and put them into practise –

otherways the form has no meaning. ”


” Make your partners/students understand that Chi Sao

is not a competition or a fight, but instead it’s a laboratory

in which you both must learn something.

If one of you stops using the principles and the technique,

it’s not Wing Chun anymore. And if the partner/student starts to have

chaotic or brutal movements, you must be able

to use those movements to control him

and sometimes to clearly dominate him. ”


” The forms are not fixed.

Actually, as soon as you see clearly the principle behind it,

the form disappears.

We have to put our ego aside and become humble in practise.

Because this is the only way to progress. ”


~ by pinoro on January 3, 2011.

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