The Wing Chun Poem

The techniques of Wing Chun Kuen are unique;

The methods are impenetrable, changing them should be avoided!

Correct teaching, correct practice and the correct mindset are essential.

You must train your heart to be courageous.

Relaxing and smiling whilst defeating the opponent makes for great tales;

Seeking by the questioning hand to judge the foe’s situation.

It is like watching flowers when he is further away;

Striking when he is near.

Let him fly like a dragon and hop like a tiger,

while I am at ease and entertained;

The hands strike like a falling star!

The kick is formless like a flying arrow!

Above, remain on the centerline;

Below, close the groin, ensuring the body is inaccessible.

The key is sticking to the bridge of the enemy!

Exalted awareness controls his advance;

The skill is to borrow force and strike forcefully.

Lead him into emptiness;

To strike first has its reasons;

In the encounter is embedded the mystery!

Do not stop at a single strike,

Pressuring the opponent continuously is essential.

Go on top of the incoming bridge,

Neutralize the incoming elbow with an elbow.

Close in to long range strikes

Move the stance forward to an incoming stance.

Keeping the incoming hand and send forward the outgoing hand,

A loose hand must be followed with a forward thrust.

Take the incoming straight thrust with a curve,

Encounter the cross hand with a straight thrust forward.

Forwarding, obstruction, blocking and twisting

Topping, stopping, sinking, thrusting,

Sticking, touching, ironing, swinging,

Swallowing and spitting contain stealing and slipping.

Each point in the theory must be very clear.

Each technique must be clear.

The difference of a line is like heaven and earth.

The slightest bit of slackness will bring defeat.

Commit all these to memory!

One day retrieve the mystery within.

Honour your teacher and respect the art, year after year,

Honestly and determination will generate greatness!

Clever methods will generate more clever methods;

Unusual training exercises will generate more unusual training exercises;

Wind and thunder generated within an inch –

How can you not be humbled?

The true words of the originator:

The true skill of Wing Chun is difficult to find,

There are many levels.

The true art will be found in the most unusual circumstances;

You must be intelligent and diligent over the years,

The unworthy practitioner will always be a lonesome boat in a big ocean.

The art teaches the art! The art protects the art!

~ by pinoro on December 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Wing Chun Poem”

  1. Do you happen to know anything about the origin of this poem? or maybe about the following one: 詠春絕技 源自少林 招無虎鶴 法無五行 只談線位 力與角度 同門技力 四位三度 以弱勝強 始是功夫 內外相消 並無絕招 蓄勁似蛇 發勁似貓 朝形似雞 陰陽發力 不行心意 只用精神 來留去送 甩手直沖 梅花五點 手腳互通 門分內外 手有生死 勁發六合 力從地起 發勁在腰 出招在膊 力未還原 切忌出手 寸內發勁 力有對錯 發盡散盡 散盡發盡 力有八種 當知分間 真假虛實…

    ? Any help would be appreciated!

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