Sifu ADRIAN TAUTAN was born in 1972 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

and started studying Wushu Kung Fu in 1991 (Changquan and Taijiquan).

In 1998 he becomes a F.R.A.M. certified Wushu instructor.

He starts and intense and asiduous research in the traditional martial arts,

meeting and studying with masters like the Shaolin monk Shi De Chan,

Sifu Radu Baban (vietnamese Wing Chun), Sifu Norbert Maday (LTWT) and others.

This research gives him the chance to meet Master Donald Mak

and to be accepted as a private student.

In 2002 he is officially recognized as instructor by the

Hong Kong Wing Chun Institute and he is the only instructor in Romania

certified by the Ving Tsun Athletic Association.

In 2009 he laso started an intense study in Filipino Martial Arts,

being now a certified full instructor in Dumaguete Arnis-Eskrima style.

I visited  Sifu Adrian in April 2006 and he accepted me as private student,

starting to teach me the Donald Mak System of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

With the inherrent difficulties of a long-distance learning,

the wonderful journey still goes on.

A few videos of Sifu Adrian:

~ by pinoro on December 26, 2010.

9 Responses to “Sifu ADRIAN TAUTAN”

  1. Good day, I’m a martial arts enthusiast which desires to learn wing chun here in dumaguete,
    In any case, you could teach me wing chun, i am willing to be your student.. I am currently living in Dumaguete Philippines. Hoping for your response.. Thanks and more power. ^_^

  2. Hello Myk, I don’t know if I can help you too much, because this is not the website of Sifu Adrian Tautan, I’m one of his students and I’m living in Austria.
    You can contact Sifu Adrian directly next time he will be in Dumaguete, right now he is in Chiina from what I know…Just ask mister Ike Villaflores from DUMAA, maybe he can tell you more.
    Goodluck and thanks for the comment! Ingat!

    • thank you so much for your reply. Receiving such information is already a great help ^_^
      Thank you again and ingat ^_^

      • Walang anuman, kapatid 🙂 hope you’ll become a Wing Chun practitioner also and maybe we meet one day.
        All the best!

    • Excuse me sir Pinoro i know that these comments have been 3 years old and the newest is 1 year old but i just have to take a shot. I am 21 years old and I currently livng in Dumaguete City Philippines attending College and would like to learn martial arts. I sought, to my common knowledge, different types of martial arts dojo but the types of established martial arts dojo’s felt emasculating and intimidating, there was even this one dojo that i didn’t even bother checking out due to the muscled, boastful and tall intimidating fellows that saw me and gave me this egotistic look that felt intimidating and uninviting. I am not asking for a fun and joyous place to practice martial arts all im just asking is that I was welcomed, taught properly and effectively and I will do the necessary drills, techniques, ideology behind wing chun. How i found out about Wing chun is by searching through the internet, and trust me sir i was not attracted to wing chun because of how cool it looked but the ideology behind it and its way of applying it in combat. The reason why I wanted to practice wing chun is that I don’t want to miss it out going through life Im already 21 going 22 this year. I don’t want to grow old not knowing how to defend myself and maybe to boost my self esteem, something like that. I have no experience in any forms of martial arts and would like to extensively learn wing chun both physically and theoretically and would not plan on wasting the instructors time of teaching me. Is there a person or an establishment in Dumaguete City Philippines that i can learn wing chun from, if so may I have his/her contact info. I await patiently of your reply.

      There is this establishment in Manila that teaches wing chun called
      Applied Wing Chun Philippines but it has a dubious website that has a note below that says “the site may be hacked” and going to Manila feels a long way from home and I do not have any relatives or cousins there and i barely know the place. Please consider me as a student of your’s learning wing chun I plan on not wasting anyone’s time and effort teaching me. I await patiently of your reply. and I do hope that this site would not be a scam.

  3. Could i know if you are here in dgte… cuz i am ready to devote my extra time to this. Pls let me know

    • Yes I am in Dumaguete. I decided to live here permanently. 🙂 are you also a WC practitioner? What do you mean to devote your extra time? Thanks Yussif

  4. Excuse me sir ughm.. i am 16 years old and may i know if you are setting up a gym here in dumaguete i would like to join wing chun thank you..

  5. uhm i would like to join wing chun improve myself(health, mentality, reflexes)..thank you sir..pls tell me if you are going to establish a gym in dumaguete..thank you and more power!!

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