The 12 Methods of Wing Chun

BIU – darting, thrusting – the weapon flies like a rock in a sock,

relaxed, fast, with the right power and accurate targeting.


CHI – sticking – feeling lateral, vertical or rotational attempts of attack.


JEET – intercepting – cutting short an opponent

before he can launch his attack or the latest after two moves.


CHIT – slicing – cut into the opponent to capture his center,

destabilize and uproot him.


CHUM – sinking – in order to stabilize your horse (stance),

to break the opponent’s structure, to disperse force or to generate power.


DART – joining – psychological or physical.


DONG – swinging – yourself or the opponent for reversing his action.


KAO SAAT – detain&kill – holding him and hitting.


LAO/TAO – leaking/stealing in – in a contact or non-contact position,

the hands flow with the opponent’s movement and find a gap.


MO – touching and feeling.


TUN – swallowing – accepting and diverting incoming power

to disipate it’s impact.


TONG – pressing – this is a subtle force, like in the beginning of Chum Kiu –

down then slightly up, or side to side – like pushing to get a reaction

then magnifying the reaction to pull.



~ by pinoro on December 25, 2010.

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