Sigung Donald Mak  was born in 1961 in Hong Kong

and started learning Wing Chun in 1979 from Dai Sigung Chow Tze Chuen,

a direct close student of Grandmaster YIP MAN.

This is what he says about his learning years:

” I learnt Siu Nim Tau first and it took about 1 month to learn all three sections.

Then he taught me single hand Chi Sao. After about 2 weeks

of doing single hand Chi Sao then I started double hand Chi Sao.

 At the first month of learning double hand Chi Sao,

 we just did Rolling Hand (just roll without any sparring or defending techniques applied

during the process of Chi Sao exercise).

After one month of rolling hand, Grandmaster Chow would lead us to apply

the sparring and defending techniques learnt from the Siu Nim Tau form.

I did these for about 8 months, then learnt the Chum Kiu form.

Learning the Chum Kiu form would take me about 3 months time.

 After 2 years, he taught me Biu Jee form which would take about half a year.


 After Biu Jee, I learnt dummy form, it took me another 2 years time

to learn the full set of dummy form.

In about the fifth year, I learnt the weaponry – the Baat Jarm Dao and long pole.

 Totally, it took about 3 – 4 years to learn the full set of weaponry forms.

Admist this, I was also taught the drilling of Lap Sao-punch against Bong Sao,

 triangular footwork, Jin Kuen, Mui Fa Joang and Chi Gerk.

Sifu Chow would lead us to apply the attacking and defending techniques

learnt from the forms all the way during the Chi Sao exercise.

The way of our Chi Sao exercise is doing rolling hand and sparring alternatively.

So, I completed the whole system in about 8 years time. ”

From 1987, Sigung Mak started to act as an Instructor in Master Chow’s school

and in 1993, with his master’s encouragement and blessing,

 he started his own school under the name of ‘Hong Kong Wing Chun Institute’.

The passion of Sifu Mak in Wing Chun has also led him

onto a more academic path of researching on the Wing Chun Style,

 regarding its theories and history.

 This necessitates his frequent visit into China to look up and discuss

with old masters who are still alive

and practising the different lineages and branches of the style.

This exercise has brought him much less known knowledge of Wing Chun,

both technically and historically, as well as many experienced practitioners

as friends and teachers.

Since 1998 he started to do international seminars in different countries,

such as Singapore, UK, Russia, France, Romania, Italy, Sweden etc.


Seminar in UK in 2006:


International Summercamp in Romania in 2007:

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