Training in the Philippines

In March 2008 I had the pleasure to visit

Instructor Bobby Dela Rosa at his home in Taal-Batangas (Philippines)

and the honor to be accepted as his student.

Gathering over 20 years of experience in different styles,

Bobby is an outstanding trainer, a humble and generous man and a great friend.

This is when i started to study KALYE TODO ARNIS


Here are two videos from that first training trip.


In October 2008 I went again to Bobby  for more training and fun.

~ by pinoro on December 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Training in the Philippines”

  1. I can see that you also did not train in a gym. I think until now, only a few gyms here offer Arnis lessons. I wonder why.
    On Friday, I’ll have my first training session, in a park.

  2. I didn’t trained in a gym by my choice, I went there in 2008 to train only with the man in the videos, my trainer and friend Bobby, being interested in his particular system. In the future I will train with others also.
    On sunday you’ll train in Luneta? May I ask with which group?

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